Saturday, April 6, 2013

Essence of Beauty Precision Blender Sponge

A few weeks after working with the beautyblender, I wondered how other, less expensive, versions worked. After visiting my local CVS, I came home with the Precision Blender Sponge by Essence of beauty. For under $3, it certainly was a reasonable price. The packaging also stated that it was infused with vitamin E and latex free.

It felt incredibly dense. From the first washing (I always wash items before using them on my face), I could see a very slight residue run down the drain. I can only attribute that was the vitamin E. It may seem wasteful but I feel no regret washing the item first to remove any impurities during processing and packaging of the item. Besides, it’s important to dampen the sponge first. Otherwise, it will absorb rather than deposit whatever product you are trying to apply.

The water did cause the Precision Blender to slightly expand. Still, it felt just as dense as right out of the packaging. The fine point sort of flopped around my eyes. I think the point was just a bit too fine. I was able to stipple with the base and blend along the side of the sponge.

The finish on my skin wasn’t what I had wanted. Sure, It applied and did some blending, but I couldn’t achieve the finish like any of my brushes or beautyblender. I also had an incredibly difficult time washing the Precision Blender afterward.

I really can’t attest to the vitamin E claim. Sure such treatments are good for your skin. However, I am sure after 2-3 washings, all traces of vitamin E are gone from the Precision Blender. There was too much work during the application and blending for nearly an average result. The price may be right but the result was most surely lacking.

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